_wsb_512x380_cimg0136_2I have just come across the most phenomenal story of a group of friends cycling from Cairo to Cape Town to raise money for an organisation called MILLENNIUM PROMISE and after looking through the site, the pics of their epic journey and the villages they are helping throughout Africa, I was moved to make a donation to help them reach their $300,000 target and encourage everyone else to do the same. These are the kind of endeavours that make my soul sing - they prove how one small group of individuals can change the course of the world and make a huge impact by taking action and giving back.

Four reasons why you should support - a note from Didi - the girl on the road:

Didi1. I’m breaking my back out here - You don’t cycle from Cairo to Cape Town everyday, particularl y if this means spending the next 6 months with 7 men and their combined sense of humour. I have cycled 5000km so far.

2. It’s for an awesome cause - The Economist magazine (June 2007) describes Millennium Promise’s results as “astonishing”. This initiative is not about endless giving and handouts. This is a research-based plan that has an end in sight for each village within the program. After 5 years of funding, a village is sustainable and 5000 people are free of extreme poverty.

3. I hate bikes - No really. Like all my team mates, I know very little about bikes, have not really done 037much cycling before, and until recently didn’t know how to change a tyre… I’m learning.

If you feel that one of these is reason enough to join my cause, please make a donation of any size. Your support means the world to me, and more importantly, will make a dramatic impact on the ground.

Please follow our journey via our website - MILLENNIUM CYCLE FOR CHANGE  and see if you can donate something towards the cause.

And I WILL see you in Cape Town!

Cairo to Cape Town Challenge

In early January 2008, Niall, Ollie, Didi, Grant, Gareth & Denis will embark on our Cairo to Cape Town Challenge cycle in aid of Millennium Promise. A distance of 12,500km, we will travel through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa, arriving in Cape Town at the beginning of July.

We are raising money and awareness to help fight extreme poverty and will visit Millennium Promise projects along the way. As we are completely self-funding, every cent raised goes directly to this amazing organisation.

Your help makes this expedition worthwhile. We appreciate every hard-earned Dollar, Rand, Euro or Pound that is contributed.

$50 will treat 2,500 with parasites. A simple $0.02 pill can make a huge difference to a person's life
$100 will protect 20 people from malaria which is the single biggest killer of children in Africa
$250 will feed 42 children at school for one year, which in many cases will be the only meal they eat that day
$500 will give 100 children a better education with pens, pads and books
$1000 will help 77 farmers feed their families by empowering farmers with proper techniques, seed and fertiliser

Millennium Promise:

Over 1 billion people around the world live in extreme poverty, surviving on less than one dollar a day. Every day, over 20,000 people die because they are too poor to survive.

Millennium Promise is demonstrating how breathtakingly simple, high-impact interventions can transform whole communities. By combining the best scientific and local knowledge available, Millennium Villages address all the major problems—hunger, disease, inadequate education, lack of safe drinking water, and absence of essential infrastructure—simultaneously.

Working in 78 villages, Millennium Promise has already helped over 400,000 people climb out of extreme poverty and onto the path towards self-sustainable development.
With your help, we can affect the lives of thousands of people. We can help end extreme poverty.