For some reason this year has seen me spending less and less time on line and subsequently my blog has suffered!  I guess having finished the album in early December I felt like a long rest was in order after nearly three years of relentless work on my site and blog!

Exciting news though is that last week I popped into Saatchi & Saatchi to see the first drafts of their ideas for my album cover and I was blown away with what they have come up with already. It was a big moment in this journey to be sitting in the boardroom of a top advertisting agency looking through their ideas for my album! I have realised in the last two months that I really have no idea where this is taking me, but it feels less and less like I am going to become a pop star of sorts, but rather that this has been all about proving what is possible when we doing something differently, and that the album, my songs and my story will hopefully inspire other people to see how they can live their dreams out there.

Another miracle is that one of my amazing Future Owners, has since last September, been depositing money into the project account to help things along. His generosity has been incredible, and last week he sent through another R10,000 to help with printing costs! I was speechless. I guess this is part of what the Lucky Packet Project has been all about - stepping into the unknown and encountering unexpected kindness at every turn. I have to keep reminding myself that help has only come because the intention behind this was always to give back and make a difference and I guess people stepping in to help get the album finished is all part of us being able to do just that! I am in awe and so grateful.

Looking forward to whatever lies around the corner....