A few weeks back I was contacted by the SABC3 show 'The Power Within" and told that they wanted to do a 15 minute insert about my album and project. It was quite a thing to spend two days with a film crew in my home, at a studio and around Cape Town, chatting about the journey I have been on the last three years. It made me realise just how far I have come even if at times the pace has felt slow and the progress hard to mark. Suddenly (or not so suddenly) I have finished recording, am having artwork designed by a top ad agency and my first single is due to go to radio with the help of a record label that are now backing my project. A lot to be thankful for!

Sadly I was only told today that the program will be flighting at 11am (Sat 22 March) so I didn't have time to put the word out. But, I am excited to see how they have put it together and get really present to how fortunate I am to have experienced what it is like to live a dream one day at a time!