The last week has been a whirlwind to say the least! It started last Thursday with us flying to Joburg to get ready for The Women's Show at the Sandton convention centre. The organisers had kindly given me a stand at the show to say thank you for my involvement, but I soon discovered that furnishing a stand for an exhibition is a costly exercise. Given that I am still gathering the budget for printing and posting the album, I couldn't justify spending cash on hiring furniture etc so I had to get creative on how to decorate my stand. For days I felt completely stuck on how to do it, until inspiration struck that seeing my whole approach has been about "thinking out the box" that what better way to furnish the stand than with boxes!

With a lot of help from my sister and some friends who kindly donated the boxes, we managed to gather everything I would need to take up to Jozi. I spent two days printing pics of future owners, lyrics from the album, comments from supporters and posters that followed the journey. In effect I put together everything I would need to create a 'scrapbook' feel of what the last three years have entailed. After negotiating with the airlines not to charge us too heavily for the excess baggage of cardboard and plywood we finally arrived late on Thursday night to start setting up. Surrounded by piles of boxes and pictures it suddenly felt like my great idea might not work, but by the time we had stuck up the last picture near midnight it has all come together! We had a projector showing The Power Within insert about the project and playing tracks from the album; walls covered with lyrics, pictures and quotes; and a listening station where people could click through the songs and see what they liked.

The next three days were incredible! We got to connect with literally hundreds of people and their reaction to my project was awesome. The stand was filled with women reading all about the project, watching the videos and listening to songs. By Sunday we had 60 new Future Owners on board, aching backs and feet but lots to be grateful for!  YAY!