Sitting here contemplating where to next as the album gets ready to release, I came across something I wrote over a year ago & I guess this is where I find myself again - excited & terrified all at once:

"Life is about moving, changing, growing, expanding. Fear is about stopping, freezing, resisting, hiding. Fear is the opposite of life. The things we fear are often exhilirating, liberating, freeing, exciting. On the brink of change we are faced with liberation or stagnation. Resisting change is to resist life. Life is ever moving, spirit is ever moving. We are here to flow with the motion of life. Holding back, stopping, freezing and fearing leaves us stuck in the middle of the change around us and we are ever more fearless of the life we are not living.

I am here to live, to love, to laugh, to move. I am here to allow spirit to flow through me in its purest form. I am here to be an instrument of God's love. I am here to trust and flow with the seasons of my life. I am here to give and give and feel the freedom of abandoning what I think I know & submit to the mystery. I am here and that is all that counts... "