"Verity has an empowering story to share, the ability to share it from her heart straight into yours, and a voice that touches your soul" Nisandeh Neta (Amsterdam)

"Verity fuses the very best of the performing arts with a very powerful message that inspired staff and embedded the theme of our event on the hearts and minds of those present. She uses music to capture the imagination, which goes far beyond entertainment value of her performance. Throughout the ages, artists have lead humanity through creative reflection and inspiration. Verity embodies this archetype powerfully.”

Roger Maitland (Director, Life Lab)

"I was most fortunate to be able to acquire the services of Verity to open an art awards evening at the SAB head office in Johannesburg. She had her audience riveted by her presentation and afterwards I heard many people say how they had stood there with “goose bumps” and had felt truly inspired and uplifted by her words." Mandy-Lee Myerson (Director)

"Leading by example – is one of the best ways I can describe Verity – and by just being herself; not only did she motivate and touch the thousands of Teenagers we saw – but her message is powerful, touching and yet so easy to understand – its like she is awakening something that you already knew you had in your heart, she just brings it out to the surface. And thanks to her, I know that I (and the rest of the teenagers of Cape Town who were blessed to hear her message!) am most definitely gonna shine!" Que Lebatha (Standard Bank Rocking Future Roadshow)

Verity's music & story ignites that 'umph', that 'hell ya!', that 'this is awesome!' feeling in people. Her songs & story have the ability to move you emotionally and mentally to all kinds of states...enthusiasm, sorrow, hope and joy. Verity' s songs are all about who and what we are – the very essence of being human.” Jason Rakowsky (Canada)

Verity has the capacity to read the audience and to respond in an intelligent and informed way. Her sincerity and commitment to her brief is exceptional. Whenever Verity has worked with us, we have had emails pouring in from the ladies all raving about her!Patti Graham (Fine Women Business Network)

Verity is an exceptional artist in that she is both an accomplished singer and a moving speaker. She has the ability to touch everyone in the audience, irrespective of their age, gender or background.Derryn Campbell (Awesome SA, ABSA Stadium, Durban)

Verity has a great gift to inspire & enthuse. The world is lucky to have her in it!” Patricia Glynn

The feed back from members about your talk has been amazing, "Best speaker at ever" "What an amazing person!" Steve Bailey (Business Network South Africa)