A friend of mine , just had the humbling experience of discovering that the woman working for her in her home has in fact completed her honours in Social Studies in her late 40's. Gloria comes from a classic tough South African background and has saved up over the years to do a degree in Anthropology and Xhosa. 

Her problem is that she doesn't have the last R7250 to pay her fees, and as such the university won't release her results & she can't graduate and stand the chance of getting a great job doing what she loves and not having to clean other people's houses...

VeritythinksbigIngrid & I were so moved by her story, that we sat and tried to work out how to help her. I suddenly realised that the way I am approaching selling my album to 5000 people before it is recorded to raise money would be the perfect model for her too.  So we banged out an email to our friends asking for 15 people to give R485 each towards her completing her degree.

Ingrid already have 8 takers, and I think within the next few days, 15 people will have helped Gloria to take another step towards living her dream. We got that by helping Gloria we are effectivley also keeping the channels of life open for good to come to us when we need our own miracles!!!

If you feel inspired to be one of those people helping Gloria empower herself, please mail me and I will send you banking details! verity@iamverity.com

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