We are sent angels daily to remind us we are ok. Don’t listen to the voices of doubt – they’re just there to test you. Get over them. Difficulties aren't meant to hold you back they there are there to set you free.

I am pursuing my music career because of some of the difficulities I have experienced in my life - losing my dad, having my heart broken. Those low points left me in a place where I had nothing to lose, so I just stepped out and tried! I am learning to be grateful for hard times. I certainly needed pain to wake up, but realise that I don’t need to keep creating pain in my life to keep myself awake.

I am finding that we need to learn to use joy to keep us going. Keep your vision clear and focused. Don’t waver because of moments of despair. Those are mere bugs on a glorious rose. Do you think a rose forgets it’s a rose because of a bug? And a bee – well yes it can sting, but it also can make honey. So – how will you take life’s stings from now on?