Teaching_2 On June 17th I got to perform at a youth day celebration in Colorado Park,  Mitchells Plain.  The day was in aid of the Colville Youth Group, and they too were dedicating the event to having their community stand up and say “NO” to drugs & alcohol.   Drugs are a debilitating problem in the poorer areas in South Africa , and entire communities are at risk of collapsing under the pressure from drug dealers & gangs.

It was wonderful to be included in yet another celebration of the youth & to have the opportunity to share my songs with their community. I arrived with my guitarist Gorm, and we were whisked off to the back of the hall where the children taking part were waiting for us. They wanted to learn to sing the chorus to “Shine” so they could join me on stage. It was the cutest thing teaching it to them, and they picked it up really quickly!


The girls were all very nervous to be on stage,

and also had to take part in a fashion show.

My sister Kay who was with me,

offered to teach them how to model

(she is an ex-ramp model herself).

The kids were besides themselves with excitement & took to the challenge of swaying their hips and posing like ducks to water.


I had yet another magical experience of standing in front of a community committed to making a difference & having their children join me and sing that they ‘intend to shine’! I then sang “Raise” and spoke about how we need to stand together & raise our voices against threats to our communities if we want things to change. The crowd was up and dancing with me from the first chorus – it was awesome!

These are the events where I feel that I am getting right to the bone of what I want to do with my music – inspire, uplift & question.  A big thanks to Colville Youth for including me in their day!