Liveyourdreams3The Live Your Dreams foundation is committed to helping aspiring artists & musicians take the next step in their creative journey. It has been started to assist developing SA artists realize their dreams and get their talent the recognition it deserves. Recipients of funding are not required to pay back the assistance they receive, but rather are asked to 'pay it forward' to other developing artists as their careers continue to develop and succeed.

Aim of the Foundation...

The aim of the Live Your Dreams Foundation is to create a community of empowered artists who are in turn committed to creating opportunities for young undiscovered talent, thereby continuing to grow the South African arts in a way that is inspiring and proactive.

How it works

The foundation is committed to identifying developing artists or groups who are completely committed to their careers & who are already taking steps to realizing their creative goals. Once these artists have been identified as worthy of Live Your Dreams assistance, the foundation will then make sure the funding they receive goes towards helping them take the next step in their careers. This assistance can be in the form of paying for studio time to record demos; buying quality equipment; setting up professional photo shoots or paying for tuition etc. It is anticipated that each recipient of Live Your Dreams funding may have different requirements and as such the foundation will treat each artist according their individual needs.

Who qualifies as a beneficiary?

Live Your Dreams as a foundation will look for commitment, motivation and inspiration in the people it chooses to assist. Talent is not the sole requirement. What is important is that the recipients are committed to their chosen path and are also open to having a wider social impact. Live Your Dreams will ultimately serve as an incredible tool for young artists to gain recognition through their inclusion in the foundation and serve as a platform from which to launch their aspirations as well as taking a stand for causes they believe in and want to make a difference for.

As a Live Your Dreams artist, it will be a requirement that they keep the foundation informed of their successes so that each artist's story can be tracked and shared with the public. It will also be asked that they give their commitment to 'paying forward' their assistance as and when they can and to share those stories with the foundation as well.

As the Live Your Dreams Foundation continues to expand and grow, it is a possibility that the foundation will not be limited to solely assisting musicians. Individuals or groups in all creative fields will be eligible for funding if they fit the criteria expected of a Live Your Dreams artist and are committed to 'paying forward' the help they receive.

Funding for the Live your Dreams Foundation

Funding for the Live Your Dreams Foundation is currently coming from singer/songwriter Verity's “Lucky Packet Project” that donates 5.3% of each CD she sells to the foundation. Effectively R8 of every album goes into the fund. As the founding member of Live Your Dreams, it is Verity's hope that other successful South African bands & artists will donate a percentage of their earnings to the fund and show their support and encouragement to other developing artists in South Africa.

As the Live your Dreams Foundation grows it is anticipated that it will look at alternative fund raising opportunities as well as grants and donations.

In a country where the government is not in the position to financially aid Arts & Culture on a massive scale, the Live Your Dreams Foundation aims to create a platform for the public and successful artists to contribute on the ongoing development of music & art in South Africa.

Beneficiaries to date

The Live your Dreams foundation has already paid for one artist, Mimi Ntenjwa, to record a demo and has the funds available to look for the next artist.

Mimi graduated last year as an honours student in Jazz performance from UCT with a 1st Class pass! In December she used her Live Your Dreams funding to record a 5 track demo at Paris Studios in FishHoek, Cape Town. In January 2006 she moved to Johannesburg and started booking gigs and sending out the demo. She has already been offered a record deal!

Mimi's big vision is to establish a Music School in a township that will make it possible for students who can't afford university to further their musical education.

Vision for Live Your Dreams

The 2 year vision is for the Live Your Dreams Foundation to become an accessible organization and facility for people to use to get into the music and arts and to live their dreams in South Africa. It will be recognised as being an organization that enables people’s dreams in the arts.

Within 2 years the Foundation will be run by a small committed team of people and it is the dream to have a building that has a recording studio, photographic studio, rehearsal and performance rooms that artists can use to experiment, hone their craft, connect with each other and as a facility that can act as a catalyst for all artists involved.

The goals in terms of enabling and empowering artists are

  • By the end of November 2006 to have empowered 2 artists

  • By the end of February 2007 to have empowered 3 additional artists

  • By the end of May 2007 to have empowered 15 additional artists