Kirstenbosch_letter On Sunday 7th May, I played my first show back in SA as the opening artist for the Kirstenbosch Winter Warmer Series to a capacity audience - YAY! I loved every minute of it and was exhausted after 2 solid hours of performing.

What made the evening one of the most magical of my life, was that half way through the second set I was handed a piece of paper. I started reading it out to the audience not completely realising what it said. It suddenly hit me that what I was reading was the fact that someone in the audience had just committed to buy 100 Future Albums!!!!

Createmycd2_2It was beyond my wildest dream of how my Lucky Packet Project will progress, but at the same time was so magically in line with what I am hoping to create with it. I was blown away!!! Bob, my fantastic new Future Owner, then challenged everyone there to buy their copies with the promise to match every other album sold.  At the end of the night we had sold nearly 200 albums - INCREDIBLE OR WHAT???? 

Bob's committment with his albums is to give them to all the influential people he knows in the States to make them aware of African initiatives that are out to make a difference.

I am still reeling from the whole experience. It was surreal to witness people standing up to commit to buying their future copies right there and then. My fantastic friends were running around getting people's details and cash - it was crazy!!!  To top it all off, we had 2 encores with the entire crowd getting up and dancing and singing in true African style. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to be there sharing my music and dream and to have so many people right there creating it with me!

Kirstenbosch_singBob's incredible act of generosity has been such an affirmation for me. I know this Lucky Packet Project is going to work and that I am going to get to make a difference in South Africa & eventually the world.

I am so excited about the album I will record & the charities I will help, and for all the amazing future owners who will make it possible.  Because of the 200 CD's sold on Sunday, I can do a charity payout to POWA & our next Live Your Dreams artist. I will keep everyone posted when I have someone suitable....  WOW!!!

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