Darlingfestival A few weeks back Kirstin (my magic project manager) and I headed off to the Darling Voorkamer Festival (rough translation - Darling Front Room Festival).  This rather unique and eccentric festival takes place in - you guessed it - Darling, and the premise is that every show (from theatre, to music to comedy) takes place in the front rooms/lounges of various residents homes.

You buy a ticket that includes 3 shows but what you get to see is a total surprise. So we were assigned to the red route and 20 of us bundled onto a taxi and driven off into the town. It was an incredible exercise in just trusting you will have an awesome time even though you have no clue where you are going or what you will be seeing...

Darling_dizu_1 It was awesome! The first show was in a lounge the size of a bathroom in a farm worker's cottage and we were treated to a musical exploration of African music and instruments by an unbelievable musician Dizu and his sister.  They took us through the ethnic orgins or various instruments and then proceeded to play them and sing. It was a cultural experience unlike any other I have ever had. We sat there is someone's home being transported on a musical journey by this incredible duo and I really got how priviledged I am to live in Africa!

We then jumped back in the taxi and were carted off to the next home - now  a little more middle class so a bigger lounge. Here the Bonfire Darling_nashville3_1Theatre Company entertained us with their audience participation interactive story telling. They ended up doing an entire skit on my trip to Nashville and return to South Africa. It was hilarious to have a guy walking around being called Verrrdie  by everyone and singing dodge y country songs about his dead dog! Very enlightening to watch my life through the comedic glasses of actors!

Darling_evitaAfter that we were driven up the hill to really upmarket part of Darling and treated to a recital of French  cabaret songs. It was the perfect ending to our eclectic trip and we felt like we had done a complete 360 of entertainment.  I would have happily bought another ticket and headed off on another route to see what was on, but they were sold out!

Next year if you are in Cape Town in August/September be sure to head to the festival and have a unique Lucky Packet dip of entertainment! 

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