Well, I am getting clearer that the only way to keep moving forward with excitement and conviction is to look back along where you have come and give thanks for everything that has gotten you so far already. Last week my team and I spent a few hours writing down all the miracles around this album project...

We are grateful for....

  1. Verity's family sponsoring 3/4 of the website to get things started

  2. World-Wide creative taking 1/4 of the cost and doing the project on risk

  3. Accountants offering to do the project on risk and for setting up the companies

  4. Educor for making Vee an ambassador and giving her bursaries to award & help others

  5. Educor for paying for posters and flyers, etc, full sponsorship

  6. Awesome people that give prizes to give away

  7. AV Network for doing a R20 000 job for R2000 for the Lucky Packet promo DVD

  8. Donna McCallum buying a CD and becoming Verity’s Fairy Godmother

  9. Colin Jowell for sending an email to springwise that was send out to 88 000 people around the world

  10. Bob Lynde buying 120 cd’s at Kirstenbosch

  1. Oren coming out to SA to document the story

  2. Karatara and the energy there on all the road trips up there

  3. Jan doing the video clips for the blog

  4. Article in Argentina

  5. Getting a free breakfast with Alejandro in Argentina

  6. Getting cash sent from Argentina and France future owners

  7. Having Dale shoot the 'take my clothes off' snippet

  8. Having Dale film the mercury gig

  9. Conference in Denmark

  10. Free Studio to record all the demo’s

  11. Alistair giving money for singles

  12. All the friends that have bought

  13. Friends that have bought more than 1

  14. The Angels

  15. Vance Van Rooyen – amazing sound guy

  16. Smiling Nelson - keyboard player

  17. Grant Clark for designing my camino website

  18. Ben Wagner & Stonewall for buying 40 CD's

  19. Cape Town Partnership  buying 10 CD's

  20. Live Your Dreams already helping Mimi

  21. Kevin Fine from 5fm becoming a trustee on Live Your Dreams

  22. Being playlisted on Bush, RMR, UCT, MFM and Highveld

  23. MFM Interview

  24. Radio 2000 interview

  25. Bush Radio voice drops

  26. Brian Hattingh’s support

  27. E-TV Interview

  28. Grant Paget buying 5 cd's & drumming up so much support

  29. Copa and Le Senza for sponsoring clothes and prizes

  30. Reto for sponsoring Verity’s hair

  31. Caroline for her incredible pictures

  32. Helder for being so cool and constant

  33. Texito for being to talented and great

  34. Tony for coming back from Thailand and joining the band again

  35. Chris Ferguson for booking us at V&A

  36. Greg Maloka and Grace for becoming trustee’s on Live Your Dreams

  37. Nicole Capper and her PR work

  38. All the friends that included Vee on their newsletters

  39. Media 24 – 24.com and their support

  40. Atmosphere for noticing the project

  41. Cape Talk interview after a DJ saw Verity's poster

  42. UCT Radio Interview

  43. Womans Day show at the V&A

  44. The I AM video for woman empowerments

  45. Atomik and Amandas support of the music video

  46. All the newsletters, blogs, internet radio and websites that have the story

  47. Contact to Quincy Jones

  48. Shiru and Infinite woman show

  49. Media web release

  50. Cape Argus Interview

  51. UJFM Interview

  52. Tuks FM interview

  53. Going4Gold deal and Dilana Howell

  54. Bruce Muzik, his love, support and programs

  55. Hot ink for such a great DVD design

  56. Rouvanne’s excitement and support

  57. Beautiful letter from the Red Cross Children’s Hospital

  58. Future Owners who have translated the story into foreign languages

  59. Jeanelize’s legal work on the LYD

  60. How much Vee has learned about running a website and a business

  61. Kirstin being on this incredible journey

  62. For Rapport, tydskrif article

  63. For all feedback and support and comments from future owners

  64. Mike Stopforth for promoting the project at his Geek Dinner

  65. Health spas for putting it in their newsletter

  66. Iburst with giving us cheap Internet Access