Banner Eden Campus is trying to raise the sum of R11 460 to release one of their students, Sisanda Joko, from a debt to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Sisanda enrolled at NMMU in 2004 in the belief that she would qualify for financial assistance. However the funding was not granted and Sisanda left NMMU at the end of 2004 with a debt of R8360.

She is now enrolled full time at Eden Campus and since she is not currently employed, has been unable to pay off the debt. With interest running at 15.5% per year, the total debt is currently R11 460. As Eden Campus students register for NMMU accredited courses until such time as it has its own accreditation, Sisanda will not be able to write the end-of-year Marketing exam next week, or re-register for the second year until the debt is paid.

Dreams_2 Sisanda has done w ell this year at Eden Campus, has shown considerable personal growth and impressed people with the strength and vitality of her theatrical performance on Youth Day. The fourth of nine children, Sisanda is the first in her family to have the opportunity to continue her studies beyond matric. Sisanda is devastated by the news that she may not be able to continue with her studies.  Nevertheless, she  has been preparing for the exam in the belief that a solution will be found. For NMMU, with its 20000 students, this is just a matter for their credit bureau.  For Sisanda and her family, the debt burden and lost education opportunity would mean devastating poverty for a lifetime.

Please let them know urgently if you can help Sisanda in any way. If 20 people contribute just R575 (approx $80 or £48) each we can give this young woman a chance to continue and finish her studies and make her way into the working world without the burden of a debt.  I have paid a donation of R575 already and another good friend of mine has generously given R2000 so a few more people doing the same will make a HUGE difference for her.

Thanks for taking the time to read this - if you are inspired to 'pay forward' and help Sisanda then please Click below for bank details etc...

All contributions to be paid directly to

Karatara Project Charitable Trust:  Trust no: IT 1327/2006

Bank details:

Name of Account: Karatara Project Charitable Trust   Bank: Nedbank

Account number: 1011113554   Branch: Constantia  BRANCH CODE: 101109

For overseas transfers the swift code: NEDSZAJJ