Last week I was fortunate enough to go to Khayelitsha with some friends to drop off a trailer full of stuff for a small nursery school to sell at their annual rummage sale. I was humbled and inspired by what we found there. Ilitha School is no more than a container that has been brightly painted and now serves as the home to 40 young children daily. The woman behind the school is the bubbly and infectuous Christine Jita, and to hear her talk about her young students and her vision for growing the school to serve all the children in her area was amazing!

They desperately need support in realising that vision. Two quick ways to contribute are either to help them get a great playground organised with a proper slide and jungle gym (maybe club some friends together and donate one???)   OR  if you can help them have permanent loos put in - ie dig the correct holes, concrete slabs to have them on, proper piping etc. Once that is sorted they will be able to expand and have 80 children being looked after every day instead on on the street. It is that simple for one woman to make a huge difference. I am in awe!

Contact:  082 715 1168    /  021 3632053  to help and get involved