As the album has been coming to an end it felt right to help my next Live Your Dreams Artist take a step in their career. So, the day after I finished in studio with Paul, a lovely young singer Beverly spent the day with him working on two demos. I managed to pop in on my way to the airport and get this quick clip of her to let all my Future Owners see another person they have helped!


An exerpt from the letter Beverly sent me:

I studied drama at school (Pro Arte Alphen Park) for 5 years - always in the hopes of acting, singing and dancing as a career.  It is TRULY my dream!  I also only started singing at 18 years, a late starter (like yourself) some may say, but honestly timing is everything.  I have been writing songs since 14 . I'm great with the lyrics, and I get the tune, but I still need to learn the instrument side of it - then again I can say my voice is my instrument.

So off I went to study at age 19, I did my first year and then my brother had a tragic accident, broke his neck and is now quadriplegic, our family knows Chaeli quite well, my parents donated a couple of thousand to their organization already. Astron Money Managers, I have always been a firm believer in giving (drilled into me by my mom) but seriously, giving has such a wonderful effect - the feeling of being appreciated is AWESOME!!!! - Yes I've already bought one of your CD's . to be.

But back to my brother, this really devastated me, and even though looking back and trying to put on a brave face - I was always my brothers protector and somehow I felt like I had failed, you know, like you get this "what's the point" attitude. Anyway, I only completed my first year at TUT. Looking back I sometimes think I should have continued, but theres a reason for everything.

I produced my first Demo the next year, being involved with a music recording and training studio (doing their finances to pay for a music production course)- Emendy - led by 2 incredible men - Martin and Dirk (who has since gone on his own journey) these guys had a vision and helped me believe in mine. Helping me in producing my first song - for gratis!! - Title: Unconditionally

Well then you know how life goes, I was in search of more, and in a really bizarre way I ended up in Taiwan, singing in a stage show as princess Jasmin, being in a cage, under a real tiger 3 times a day for 3 months(I had my vision board to thank for that - having created one before I even knew what
it was - I was just being creative and created a board with pictures of myself and what I liked 6 months before I even got the audition for Taiwan and I had a whole collage - one of the pictures being me below a picture of a tiger - who would of thought it would have been realized??). What an experience, we even coined a term "Only in Taiwan" - cause man was it bizarre.

Since then I've been in sales to earn money, you know how it goes. and anyway it keeps me going to know that I'm still working toward producing my album. just to raise the money. I have most of the songs pre-produced but I need funding to finance the whole thing!!  So I've been pondering this for the last month. and then I found your site and I saw the HUGE SUCCESS you've made of it!! WELL DONE!!
You have renewed my inspiration to pursue my dreams!! I've contacted some people to help me as well and I would like to know that I have your support in developing my own site similar to yours.. I do believe that there is more than enough to go round for everyone and I have even decided on the charities Id like to donate to, obviously either the Quad society of SA or the Chaeli Campaign and PETA - I love animals and have recently become a vegan after being vegetarian for the last 6 years, the cruelty to animals is really disturbing to me...

I must be honest though my music is a bit different to yours in style as I'm more into jazzy pop stuff, really dancy (since I'm a dancer as well) and It has a lot of positive affirmations in it. I have already decided to put on a show at the end of the year to introduce my songs. To be honest I haven't performed a lot in SA yet (a little scared I think) but recently I thought if I don't do it NOW what's the oint. everyone has to start somewhere.. This is my start.
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Not even words could express my Gratitude to you.. And your INCREDIBLE courage.

Namasté my friend
Beverley Buckley