I'm not your average singer/songwriter.  I wrote my  first song while studying psychology at UCT and only after a 800km solo walk across Spain in memory of my father did I commit to music full time.  It was a journey of facing my paralysing fear of standing up in public and singing. One I am grateful I faced!

Once I was on the road I recorded my first demo with close friend and producer Bruce Muzik, and headed to the States to see where life would lead me. Once there I won The Catch A Rising Star competition in Florida and was awarded a US working visa as an artist of outstanding ability.  The call for home however was too strong, and I returned to SA where I started to establish myself as an artist.  I did return to the US in 2005 when I lived in Nashville and performed there & in New York.

Back home in 2006 I started my 'Lucky Packet Project' to sell an album that didn't exist. It was a project that changed my life, and in many ways saw me gain notariety for innovation more than singing. That said, I have performed across the country with my amazing band - Tony Paco, Helder Gonzaga, Nelson Malela and Aldert Du Toit.  My first radio single 'Angel' was playlisted nationally and other songs have been included in various film soundtracks and commercials.  (
A very cool suprise was when my music was mentioned in best selling author Jeffery Deaver's latest Jame Bond novel 'Carte Blanch'.)

In 2010 I lost my mother to cancer and found it was time to leave my music behind for a while. I headed  to Europe where I walked a 1200km pilgrimage across France and Spain in her memory.  When I returned home I fell into the world of training Edward De Bono's innovative thinking tools - just the change I needed. 

The last few years have been a journey of trusting that I would come back to music when the time was right.  At the beginning of 2013, I connected with producer Ashton Gardner and suddenly found myself back in the creative groove. Recording my second album is proving to be a powerfully creative experience and I cant wait to share it with the world in early 2014!

The story of 'Journey'...

In 2006 I was crazy enough to invite people to 'buy an album that didn't exist'. I didnt' have the R300k needed to record and decided to see if it was possible to do something new and different.  To make it meaningful, I decided to donate 10.6% of every album sold to two charities – POWA (People Opposing Woman Abuse) & my own Live Your Dreams Foundation (helping developing artists get started)

Against all odds I sold over 2000 copies in 25 countries before going into studio, and was able pay over R30,000 to the charities. The album, named “Journey” by my fans, was recorded by award winning producers Paul McIver & Brian O'Shea.

Journey was released by Musketeer Records in July 2008 having proved that there was another way for artists to fund their music.
(This was long before 'crowdfunding' was a buzz word).
My crazy venture was shared on Carte Blanche, Journey to the Core and The Power Within and written about all over the world..  I was suddenly in demand to speak on innovation and eventually asked to train people in Edward De Bono's 'Six Thinking Hats' method of 'out the box thinking'.

It was an experience that also led some extraordinary miracles, not the least of which was that I was made an ambassador of education of INTEC and had the opportunity to give away 30 bursaries to deserving South Africans.

My album funding model is now a WITS Business School case study on viral marketing, and has also been featured in a HSBC booklet on "100 Great Business Ideas"   in the UK. 

All in all, 'Journey' proved to me that anything is possible when you give yourself permission to try something you believe in. It wasn't always easy, but it changed my life and has taught me the importance of daring to be different in the face of adversity.  In the times when I feel like I haven't achieved enough in my life, I just have to look back at the wild ride my first album took me on, and I know without a doubt that I have nothing to regret!

A dream is merely a dream until others help you make it a reality. 
My eternal thanks goes to the 2000 people who made the album possible!