So much of my journey has been determined by the people who have believed in me. Often more than I have in myself.

Without the 2000 extraordinary people who stepped up and bought an album that wasnt there, I would never have gotten to prove that there is always another way to get something done.

As for the 400 people who pre-bought my second album 'One Of These Days' and have then patiently waited while I navigate life's twists and turns... Thank you for bearing with me!

The power of a group of people to effect change is profound and it's not suprising that crowdfunding is suddenly the way to get things done. 

Thanks for being the trendsetters!


Browse the names of the over 2000 people who made the recording of 'Journey' a reality. 

Crowdfunding at its finest (ie BEFORE it was the thing to do)!

Check out who's making the recording of 'One Of These Days' possible.

These are the most patient fans I could ever ask for!