From my room,
the world’s an endless stretching space
A challenge to be faced
– upright and welcoming.

From where I sit,
I’m only just out of it,
Nibbling candy floss
as I watch it spinning.

Flashing lights, big top shelter
– Ferris music belting forth
Background in fast forward
– I am stuck on pause.

I’ve got the tickets in my hands,
but I’m not one for queuing
So here I stand and
watch it moving

One of these days
I’m gonna jump on the ride
Use my ticket - just get on with it.

One of these days,
I’m gonna make up mind
To be as happy as I decide.

And today is that day!

I'm going to take my chances,
Be the one who dances -
naked in the rain.

I'm going to take each moment,
Let life open -
round the token in my hand...

One of these days...