It's a tough world for up and coming artists, so I decided to use my first album to help where I could. 5.3% of every future CD I sold went towards paying forward my success to others.

The first recipient was singer Mimi Ntenjwa from Cape Town, when we paid for her to record a demo. i hadnt even heard her sing, but chatting to her at a party I was taken by her passion and wanted to help her based purely on trust.  She landed a record deal as a result and her debut album Essence Of My Soul  went on to win her numerous awards...  Mimi also received a R10,000 INTEC Bursary to studio PR & Marketting in order to further her career.

Our second recipient was Beverley Buckley from Joburg, who has used the demos we paid for to start her own version of the 'Lucky Packet Project"

In the last few years I have helped developing artists by designing simple websites for them (King Smash & Wandile Nkosi) so that they could better market themselves.  The sites were just little stepping stones to help them while they got themselves on the path.

In 2009 and 2010 I had the opportunity to work with two young girls who dreamed of being singers despite the health challenges they live with. It was a humbling experience to write them their own songs and have them recorded with award winning producer Selwyn Shandel. The whole process was filmed and edited by Mike Mingay - such a gift!

People Opposing Woman Abuse does invaluable work with victims of abuse in South Africa. Frighteningly SA has some of the highest statistics of abuse in the world and 5% of every album I sold went to the work they do.

My Lucky Packet Project raised enough money for POWA to furnish their shelters with much needed supplies and I was also able to give 20 INTEC Bursaries the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children

My philosophy to "be you" is easier said than done. Only when we have a valued sense of self worth do we even begin to know who we are. But, if you are in a situation that is harmful to you, and you don't know your own worth, you may tolerate it far longer than is good for you.

(This is an awareness campaign I did for POWA in 2005 that went on to win numerous awards for the agency that conceptualised it...)



Another aspect to helping people live their dreams, was the chance to give away 30 INTEC bursaries worth R5000 each to deserving South Africans.

 It was an extraordinary experience to be in be the position to give people the opportunity to study further.  Amongst the recipients of these bursaries were dancers from the Dance4All, POWA writing competition winners, World Vision girls from Atlantis and the Saartjie Baartman centre for women and children.

I am eternally grateful to the then CEO of Educor - Hennie Louw - for making it possible for me to do so.