Songs from 'Journey'


                       Insert Thank You from 'Journey'  album artwork...           
  April 2005 – April 2008         

How do I begin to say thank you for a journey that so many people have made possible? If you are holding this album in your hands, it is because my crazy idea of selling a CD that didn't exist... worked!  What began as a journey to raise the recording budget and help empower women & uplift other artists in SA, has resulted in so much more than I could have hoped for.

Thank you to the over 2000 people around the world who bought future copies & made all of this possible – your names are in the artwork so that you are never forgotten! We made this album together and made a difference for  POWA & the Live Your Dreams Foundation – thank you!  Kay for encouraging me to think differently & my incredible family who  ran with the idea & supported me the whole way – Mum, Kay & Ross,  Murray, Angela & Josh -  I love you up the beanstalk. Dad, your memory inspired me to dare to follow my music so that I could never say ”what if?”.

Fred Roed, for always believing in me, and everyone at WorldWideCreative for building my website & risking this with me – we've done it! Darren Ebbs & Gareth Tavares for handling the accounts completely on risk – I would have been lost without you. Eternal thanks to Hennie Louw  & Educor for sponsoring me & for giving me bursaries to award to fellow South Africans – it has been a priviledge beyond my wildest dreams to empower people through education.  Donna McCallum (aka my FairyGodmother) & Kirstin O'Donovan for being my team while I got this dream off  the ground – your support was  truly magic!  Peter Lacey for stepping in to negotiate the recording process & getting behind my 'out the box'  approach & everyone at Musketeer Records for helping me get this album out there – you have made the final stretch so much easier! Paul Seele for the stunning EPK you've put together – you are star! Caroline Gibello for all the incredible photos you have taken that add so much to the album – thank you! My beautiful Angels for holding my hand through this journey & being at my shows  to sell CD's & cheer me on – you are my girl power!  Kay & Ross for giving us a place to stay when we  recorded in CT and Murray, Angela  & Josh for letting me invade your home during the Jozi recording – it was awesome to be with family while I was in studio living this dream.

All the amazing musicians who  have worked with me over the last five years (David Foster, Garth Airey, Jan Kraunaw,  Iwan & Jaques, Gorm Helfjord, Melissa Van Der Spuy, Rob Nel, Mike Horne, Lee Thomson, Dominic Peters, Theo Crous, Sean Ou Tim, Amanda Tiffin,
Jason Rosenstein & Texito Lange
) – thank you all for making it possible for me to grow & learn so much as a performer.  My awesome band - Helder Gonzaga, Tony Paco & Nelson Malela who have stuck by me & brought so much to each song  – you guys rock! Bruce Muzik for
producing my first demos that got me started on this road & always  being there to coach me when I felt like giving up. Theo Crous & Alistair King for my amazing first singles & making it possible for me to begin living this dream. Brian O'Shea for all your creative input while we were in studio & most importantly Paul McIver for taking my vision & album to completion. Paul – thanks for your dedication to this project, putting up with my self doubt, going with my 'out there' musical notions & allowing me to ply you with salads & fruit for two months -  you made this such a safe & joyful experience, all I can say is that I look forward to the next album!

Most of all thank you toYOU, for believing that we could create this album out of nothing & for trusting that I would eventually finish it & get it to you. I hope it does justice to the journey this has been and the trust you placed in me. It is only here because you believed it would be.  I am thrilled that there is a bit of every person I have worked with reflected in each song & that the songs you voted for, span 11 years of my life, loves, losses & laughter. So if I die today – I truly can say – I have no regrets – I've done my best!

Photographs by Kathalijne Van Zutphen